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Bosch Car Service Cencar

A workshop is only really worthwhile if it maintains the value of your car in the long run. That’s why Bosch Cencar Car Service Centre is the right workshop for you. Technicians precisely diagnose the problem, perform proper repairs and maintain your car, at an affordable price.

Laboria-Fix Consulting

Successful and competitive organisations are able to turn their strategies into action quickly, manage their processes efficiently, and maximize their employees’ contributions and commitment.

LABORIA-FIX would become your partner to design and implement a Human Resources strategy that works for your company.


Ensuring effective human resource administration

HR-DOX™ allows managers easy access to human resource files. Corporate governance is currently being emphasized. This HR Document Solution is a simple, yet effective tool to ensure administrative governance as far as human resources is concerned.

DMS Quantity Surveyors

DMS Quantity Surveyors is a professional Quantity Surveying Practice, with over 20 years’ experience in providing first class services in the Property Consulting, Development and Construction Industry.

We take pride in going the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectations.

Advanced Tactical Training

Providing battle proven firearm and self defense training, while simultaneously letting the student experience

the beauty of South Africa with various adventure holiday options available


I believe in holistic financial planning and your assets, investments, businesses and trusts should all compliment your current and future lifestyle planning. I have the right team to facilitate a process to make sure your portfolio is optimally and tax efficiently structured to produce the right long term plan. This gives my clients peace of mind to know that they are on the right path to get to their end goal.

Temba Auto Clinic

Our top qualified Bosch technicians that have been trained to ensure that your automotive problem is handled on a professional manner to get you on your way in the shortest possible time.

As a customer driven organisation Temba Auto Clinic always make it a point that we position ourselves where our customers can easily reach us.